Meet Janus!

The gatekeeper of the decentralized
gaming universe…

The key holder of the gateway between
Web 2.0 and 3.0…

And the passage to True Ownership and
Blockchain revolution…

Janus Interactive

Formed by multinational industry veterans, Janus Interactive is a
video game development studio based in London.

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of the gaming
ecosystem by bringing Blockchain technology into online games.

Here, we build a new dimension where games are exceptionally fun,
accessible and for the benefit of all participants.

Storm Warfare - Janus Interactive’s first strategy card game based on
CCG mechanics and the True Ownership concept is set to launch in Q1 2023.

The Gateway to Next-Gen Gaming

At Janus, we think BIG! We are here not only to produce
games but to lay the milestones of a gaming revolution.

There is no more ‘just playing’, True Ownership,
Blockchain technology, Web 3.0 and so on…

The good news is: There is more to come!
Let’s stand at the ‘gate’ and have fun together!

The Holy

Spread the word: A new era has begun!
And we stand at the crossing point - where video games
are fun and accessible, the players are the true owners
and their rights are fully secured by decentralized systems.


Now, Blockchain technology is revolutionizing
the video game industry.

By facilitating transparent communication between
players and developers, Blockchain-based games allow you to buy, sell and trade in-game items such as Non-Fungible Tokens.

Just think of the possibilities that Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens
can bring to gaming as we know it... Isn’t it exciting?

Video Games

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture:

The world is no longer the romantic place
it was in the Commodore 64 and Amiga era.

Today, technological developments significantly drive the growth of the gaming industry.

The worldwide gaming market is valued at USD 198.40 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 339.95 billion by 2027.

At Janus Interactive, we strive to combine the joy and accessibility of classical video games with modern technologies and the global economy.

True Ownership

Gamers spend their money, time, passion and effort playing video games.

At the end of the day, they have little to show for it.

But the revolution is here!

Thanks to NFTs and the True Ownership model, it is possible to enjoy video games while earning money.

Now, players “truly own” and have greater control of their digital purchases – they buy, trade and sell their digital goods.

The future of gaming is bright!

Let's enjoy it together.

In True Ownership,
We Trust!

Remember playing Monopoly as a kid? Imagine the possibility of converting all of your amassed game wealth into real-world money. That's more or less what True Ownership is all about.

To Be, or Not to Be
The True Owner...
That’s The Question

We put the gamers at the centre of every game we create. They are the ones who invest their time, effort and money into games. Giant game companies make a fortune through in-game purchases, right?
Why shouldn't gamers?

In The Eye of
The Revolution

Thanks... To Blockchain, NFTs and artificial intelligence! Long live... Cryptocurrency, decentralized finance and Web 3.0! Viva... All the technologies enabling players to be the true owners of their in-game assets! Janus Interactive is proud to be at the heart of this inevitable revolution.

The Gaming Sidekick That Changes It All:

Have you met our game partner, the magnificent Anima Istanbul?
If not, now is the time!

They are the leading 3D animated character design studio in Turkey
and a top-tier production house in Europe with +100 artists and 30 years of experience.

From artistic and graphic design to video productions,
from art management to game promos...
All done by Anima Istanbul’s talented team.

Game On!

Take a look at what's cooking in our kitchen.

Storm Warfare

A free-to-play strategic card game that introduces
the revolutionary True Ownership concept.

Storm Warfare players fight on epic WWII battlefronts,
collect cards, and trade their in-game assets.


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